About Us

At Cobra Security Limited we Strongly believe in your Security. Find out about our Mission, Vision, how we work and the Team.


Intruder Alarms

You can purchase peace of mind from Cobra Security in the form of our latest range of intruder alarm systems.


CCTV Systems

Invest in a proper site surveillance for your high value valuables at the home or office,reinforces the effectiveness when attempting to prevent crimes.


Residential Security

The residents of any apartment complex or gated community expect the highest level of security services related to personal safety, access control, and physical security. 

Cobra Security brings to its customers in this market an integrated approach to security that provides a range of services and a proven record of reliability. Our proven method has been instrumental in helping our clients achieve a safe and secure environment. This involves crime prevention programmes, risk assessment, and the deployment of security technology.

Key services include:
•    Trained security officers
•    Threat assessments
•    Detection and prevention of crime
•    Customer service for the property community
•    Security checks and patrols
•    Residents’ protection

Cobra has long standing relationship with our diverse customers across Kenya. We have over20 years’ experience in the security field with more than 1,000 employees. We offer the most competitive rates, regardless of your property's size, and can determine the most dependable, progressive and efficient security solution to meet your specific needs.

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